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I Liked Reading

Welcome to I Liked Reading, the site that lets you tell the world about books that you have enjoyed reading!

The idea of the site is simple: there are literally millions of books out there, with hundreds more being published each and every day. Therefore knowing which book to read next or which is the best book on a particular subject is increasingly tricky. And once you've read a book, it can be very satisfying to share your thoughts on that book with others.

That, in a nutshell, is the purpose of "I Liked Reading" - to write a review of any book that you enjoyed reading for the benefit of others, and in turn to read book reviews that other people have written in order to help you decide what you want to read next.

Most Recent Reviews

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By: Frank Close
Quick Info: A lot of us have heard of antimatter, but know very little about it. This book explains just what this mysterious sounding stuff is...

Learning ActionScript 3.0
By: Rich Shupe
Quick Info: An introduction to using ActionScript taking you through various elements of what ActionScript is and how to use it in various applications with examples...

By: Manjit Kumar
Quick Info: A fascinating and thick book that goes into detail about the quantum revolution in science, and discusses the personalities involved as well as the science...

The Code Book
By: Simon Singh
Quick Info: This book has quite a few years old, however it is still a very interesting read and takes you through the history of codes and ciphers and how they have progressed over the years...

Why does E=mc2?
By: Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw
Quick Info: This book sets out to do what it says in the tin: explain why it is that E = MC2 (em cee squared). It is a little long winded but quite interesting in places...